DNN Searchbar Plug-in

In DNN you can make use of several Skinobjects. One of those is the famous built-in search object. You can simply add this Skinobject bij adding some code. The searchbar plugin below is based on the standard search skinobject. First you have to register your skinobject before using code below.

  • 1. Register your skinobject, by adding following code:
    <%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="SEARCH" Src="/portals/16/~/Admin/Skins/Search.ascx" %>
  • 2. add
    <dnn:SEARCH id="dnnSEARCH" runat="server" showWeb="false" showSite="false"></dnn:SEARCH>
    somewhere in your Skin;
  • 3. Add the CSS to your existing stylesheet.
  • 4. Replace the search icon in the CSS background for your own.
  • 5. The styles will overwrite existing default.css. Test and update if necessary.