Release DNN Platform DNN 722

Release DNN Platform DNN 722

  • fixed issue where Display Name was editable when when a Display Name format was specified
  • fixed issue with Portal Templates and modules that are configured to Display On All Pages
  • enhanced so that system confirmation is required when Unregistering a User Account
  • changed default module output caching provider from disk to memory
  • ensure that system modules are identified in the system so they cant be uninstalled
  • added a querystring parameter that allows you to hide the control panel
  • added a detailed message when deleting a page with child pages
  • added an alternate link with "hreflang" to sitemap.aspx for multilingual websites
  • disabled autocomplete on password strength controller
  • advanced search tags allow html/script and can break rendering
  • fixed issue where exceptions were thrown if old user profiles are missing during indexing
  • fixed Journal API to allow edited Comments to be liked
  • if a custom Register page is specified, prevent user from browsing to Register.aspx
  • fixed JavaScript error in Digital Asset Manager module in IE8
  • changed tokens in module creator templates so they do not show up as errors in Visual Studio
  • added a confirmation prompt when deleting modules from Page Management
  • fixed Site Management so you can filter by "ALL"
  • fixed thread safety issue in DotNetNuke.Common.Utilities.ImageUtils where imgWidth and imgHeight were statics
  • fixed link to app gallery
  • fixed ability to specify an Upload To location when uploading files
  • fixed issue with IconBar in DNN 7.2.0+
  • reduced scope of dnn.DropDownList.css
  • improved performance of Update Host Settings which caused too many cached objects to be removed
  • fixed Password Reset so that it is hidden after a duccessful entry
  • improved editing style for SQL Module
  • allow Default skins to be removed
  • fixed exception when Editing a registered user for the first time
  • allowed sub*sub menus to be accessible in default skin
  • optimized indexes on Eventlog Table
  • allow password banned list to be disabled
  • allow Page URLs to contain spaces
  • fixed numerous typos in resource files
  • optimized indexes on TabModules table
  • optimized indexes on Tabs table
  • optimized indexes on Permissions tables
  • fixed deny permissions for Folder
  • added ability to add new Folder Provider
  • fixed error so that non*members can join a Private Group
  • optimized logic of numerous stored procedures and views
  • allow a custom URL with different domain
  • allow host user to set max upload size
  • fixed issue when switchinf to layout mode on Site Settings page
  • allow CAPTCHA to be used on reset password page
  • fixed Profile Picture Handler to work in SSL Offloading configuration
  • enhanced DDR Menu to be Touch Friendly for Mobile and Tablets
  • added basic Robots.txt in root folder
  • fixed Password Retrieval issue
  • fixed issue where Language detection was not working with advanced URL management
  • fixed issue where IUpgradable did not fire from a Library type extension
  • enhanced file upload control to support folders with large volumes of files
  • enhanced file upload to be able to upload from URL
  • fixed issue where additional parameters passed as string array in NavigateURL() and EditUrl() are ignored
  • optimized search query sent to Lucene
  • enhancement to allow separate modules to use the same module definition name

  • GVG Oliehandel

    GVG Oliehandel: internationaal actief in alles wat met benzine, olie en reiniging te maken heeft. Idas heeft deze responsive website gerealiseerd in meerdere talen. Doel is het etaleren van de 6 merken die GVG vertegenwoordigt.

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  • Het Beekdal Lyceum

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  • De Spil

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  • Vindjeruimte.nl

    Vindjeruimte is een online platform dat vraag en aanbod van het maatschappelijk vastgoed bij elkaar brengt. Op de website kun je eenvoudig een ruimte of accommodatie vinden en boeken. Het complete platform wordt door diverse gemeenten en organisaties gebruikt als reserveringssysteem.

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  • Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep

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  • Bald Logistics

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  • Tribuut

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  • Vmbo 't Venster

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  • Maarten van Rossem VMBO

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